anYmo came officially into life in late 2020, following a year that brought great change, developments, and insights for us, our teams, and, of course, our planet in general.

In the course of 2020, under the umbrella of Real Medicine Enterprises (RME), and based on requests brought to us by our global network, we scaled and expanded our online platform to become an all-in-one digital communication platform, a game-changing model of access to education and business opportunities.

The Latin word for courage is Animo. We believe that the most important ingredient for Anyone of us to think big, and ‘crazy’ and paradigm-shifting and game-changing is courage. Courage to face the unknown with action. Courage to learn. Courage for education. With our platform, we are giving the tools to face the unknown.

We decided on the Y because of our WHY. Our platform and the opportunities we are offering are inclusive: Anyone is welcome here. We believe that with Courage…. Anyone, Anywhere has the capacity to achieve Anything they can dream. anYmo

Our Vision

Witnessing how the education of 1.7 billion children in 188 countries was heavily disrupted in 2020, our vision is a future where every single child (and adult) on our planet has access to education and learning. Funding becoming available through our social enterprise contributes to students in the most remote areas in Kenya, other countries in Africa, and around the world, to have online access to education.

Our Portfolio

We allow a momentum of continued creation and expansion. We work in partnership with experts in their respective fields and let them do their magic – shaping anYmo’s global direction, together. Our inclusive online platform provides comprehensive components and features, with wide-ranging opportunities for businesses, training institutions, live and virtual events, and more.

Made on Planet Earth

anYmo‘s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California for the Americas and in Nairobi, Kenya for Africa, with hubs and partners all over the world. It is powered by the new global direction, accelerated in 2020, the changing requirements of our planet, and requests, suggestions, and dreams shared with us by its people.